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E-CardCreatorRated as TopApp from Bild.de

The biggest german Newspaper Bild rated E-CardCreator as Top App in his AppCenter.


Create beautiful e-cards with your individual cloud-shaped text.  

Integrate fantastic dolphins and sharks in your e-cards.

Use your own background pictures or use one of the impressive built-in background images.

Write your own cloud-shaped text in the sky.

You can freely place, scale and rotate the cloud-shaped letters on your e-card.

Enhance your cards with additional symbols such as a cloud-shaped heart, face or sun.

You can freely place up to 30 letters or symbols on your card.

Add up to 2 more pictures as picture in picture frame, maybe with a nice image of yourself.

Use one of the very beautiful and supplied layouts for an automatic arrangement of the picture in picture frame or arrange the frames by yourself.     

Send your e-card via e-mail as a picture to your friends.

Save your e-card as a picture in your photo album.





Background image, use your own or integrated picture.

Picture in picture, insert your own pictures.

Integrated card layouts.

Free arrangement of the e-card components.

Free arrangement of your own clouds text.

Cloud-shaped symbols like hearts.

Save the e-card as an image.

Send the e-card via e-mail as an image.

Upload the e-card to Facebook and Twitter.


(E-mails can be sent only if your iPhone®, iPod touch® or iPad® has an enabled mail account.)